Kazimierz Dolny Suites – Lessowy Jar.

To meet a charming town’s, Kazimierz Dolny, tourist needs, we are building thirty-two (32) suites. The suites are located in two buildings at ul. Doły 4, in the Grodarz Valley, at a distance of 1.1 kilometre away from the market square. One building with the classical architecture with charming dormers houses two-level suites on the 4th and 5th floors. Downstairs, there are living rooms with kitchenettes and bathrooms whereas upstairs, there are two or three bedrooms, bathrooms and dressing rooms, all rooms are fitted with air-conditioning. The other building with a modern form is a complement to the first one the mouth of a ravine and a gentle slope in the background, and all of this called LOESS RAVINE. the main building has six (6) levels above grade and two (2) levels below ground. in the basement, there are garage parking spaces for each of the suites to which access is gained with the use of a car elevator. The building is also fitted with a glazed passenger elevator. The suites on the ground floor have their own gardens whereas the rest have modern glazed balconies. All fitted with air conditioning and other standard utilities.
The whole in the builder’s, attractive and modern, finish will be handed over by the end of  2022.

The list of Lessowy Jar suites – Kazimierz Dolny ul. Doły 4.

NameFloor space m2Two-levelBedroomsBathroomsBalcony/TerraceLink
Suite A198,34Yes329m2details
Suite A293,05Yes329,1m2details
Suite M1
Suite M261,15Yes325,9m2details
Suite M360,95Yes325,9m2details
Suite M463,07Yes325,9m2details
Suite M557,37Yes325,9m2details
Suite M660,77Yes32details
Suite M737,55Yes21details
Suite Floor 0 - M196,97No3119,2m2details
Suite Floor 0 - M271,28No3149,1m2details
Suite Floor 0 - M368,23No2116,9m2details
Suite Floor 1 - M454,48No31I. 8,7m2, II. 8,m2details
Suite Floor 1- M573,72No3113,8m2details
Suite Floor 1- M671,31No31I. 18,2m2, II. 4,2m2details
Suite Floor 1 - M768,16No21I. 4,6m2, II. 3,9m2, III 3,2m2 details
Suite Floor 2 - M854,48No31I. 3,4m2, II. 8,8m2details
Suite Floor 2 - M973,72No31I. 4,4m2, II 6m2details
Suite Floor 2 - M1071,31No31I. 6,9m2, II. 6,2m2details
Suite Floor 2 - M1168,16No21I. 4,6m2, II 5,5m2details
Suite Floor 3 - M1254,48No31I. 3,4m2, II 7,1m2 details
Suite Floor 3- M1373,72No31I. 7,1m2, II 5,2m2details
Suite Floor 3 - M1471,31No31I. 5,6m2, II. 9,4m2details
Suite Floor 3 - M1568,16No31I. 8,2m2, II 4,6m2details
Suite Floor 4 - M1654,48No3115,9m2details
Suite Floor 4 - M1773,72No3113,8m2details
Suite Floor 4 - M1871,31No31I. 10,2m2, II. 5,9m2details
Suite Floor 4 - M1968,16No31I. 3,9m2, II 4,6m2details
Suite Floor 5 - M2056,63No2119,8m2details
Suite Floor 5 - M2199,60No3125,2m2details
Suite Floor 5 - M2264,63No219,5m2details
Suite Floor 2 - M2337,80No119m2details
Suite Floor 2 - M2437,70No11details